Woohoo, I'm glad to welcome our SoC students on the planet!

Of course, not all students are there and they don't all have hackergotchis and it took quite longer than first expected. We were first wondering if we should do like last year and go with a separate planet or integrate the students on the main planet. The second solution looked better, but we wanted to add a SoC logo somewhere. It turns out this was quite easy to do. At least, when someone just goes ahead and tries to do it :-) So, from now on, if you see the following logo on a post, then you're reading a post from one of our SoC students:

Google Summer of Code 2007

Oh, and I finally understand the hard job Jeff has been doing administrating the planet: many feeds just don't validate, and it's hard to get good hackergotchis for people. Really, it takes more time than what you'd expect.