I'm a bit late, but I can't avoid saying it: happy birthday GNOME! It's been 5 years of fun for me, and it's amazing to think it all started 10 years ago. 10 years is a looooong time. Thanks everybody, and be proud of what you accomplished! Of course, we're not done yet ;-)

10 years of GNOME

Of course, I couldn't let Quim promote a party in Helsinki without doing this for our small party in Rhône-Alpes :-)

So we'll be doing something (to be defined) somewhere (to be defined) somewhen (to be defined). Sounds cool, doesn't it? Okay, the somewhere will be either Lyon or Grenoble since there are a bunch of great people in both towns. Please register and put ideas on the wiki page! Hopefully, everybody will be able to join, especially our oldest contributors. No Daniel, I'm not thinking of you! (well... maybe a bit)

Also, I guess some people will organize a similar event in Paris. Note that a free software-related picnic is already planned, and it can be a good place to go celebrate our birthday!