GNOME 3 banner by Jakub Steiner & Lapo Calamandrei

After nine years in the world of GNOME 2, our community is now moving one step further with the availability of the first GNOME 3 release. We're writing an important new line in the history of our project.

It's hard to ignore the feelings this event creates.

I remember the long discussion Lucas and I had about the future of GNOME, in front of his hotel at FOSDEM 2008.
I remember how, at GUADEC 2008 in Istanbul, the release team discussed the idea of finally doing GNOME 3.
I remember the Boston hackfest in October 2008, and all the ideas that were generated there.
I remember writing the first draft of our plan for GNOME 3.0, late at night at the end of March 2009, while being hosted by Christophe.
I remember meeting with as many teams as possible for two days at GUADEC 2010 in the Hague, to decide if we should delay the release.
And I obviously remember the Bangalore Hackfest we did last week to work on the final details on the release.

I love our project and what we achieved. You will love it too!