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IM Status

This plugin being now shipped with rhythmbox, this page is only kept for historical reasons.

This Rhythmbox plugin updates the status in various IM clients (Empathy and Gossip are currently supported) according to the current playing song. You just have to enable it, and it just works.

To install this plugin, you only have to copy the plugin directory to ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/im-status.


  • a bug in Gossip < 0.23 makes it possible to have an empty status when you deactivate the plugin or when you quit Rhythmbox. This is fixed in Gossip 0.23.
  • a bug in old versions of mission-control makes it impossible to change the status message without changing the status in Empathy. This is fixed in later releases.

This plugin is released under the GPL 2.0 licenses.

Now shipped with rhythmbox (30/04/2009)

The plugin has been integrated in rhythmbox and is now shipped with it (since version 0.12.2).
See the bug about this for more details.

Release 0.7 (06/04/2008)

Add support for Empathy.
Rename to im-status.
Download the plugin (tar.gz).

Release 0.6 (07/03/2007)

Resave the Gossip status when returning from pause.
Download the plugin (tar.gz).

Release 0.5 (06/03/2007)

Correctly update the status when returning from pause.
Download the plugin (tar.gz).

Release 0.4 (05/03/2007)

When stopping playing, reset the status.
Small fixes.
Download the plugin (tar.gz).

Release 0.3 (28/02/2007)

Make the plugin work with latest dbus-python bindings.
Really make the plugin work in most cases.
Download the plugin (tar.gz).

Release 0.2 (27/02/2007)

Make the plugin work in most cases.
Update README.
Download the plugin (tar.gz).

Release 0.1 (27/02/2007)

Initial release.
Download the plugin (tar.gz).

by Vincent