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Monday 23 May 2005

New Planet GNOME (and Planète GNOME-FR) layout

Since yesterday, Planet GNOME features a fancy new layout. And Planète GNOME-FR quickly followed and adopted the new layout too. Yay!

However, Dom doesn't like the new layout and he's probably not the only one. I agree with some of his arguments (especially the weight of the page), so I made a light version of Planète GNOME-FR, using the old design. It should make some people happy :-) It can probably be a good solution for Planet GNOME too.

Christian Neumair, hero of bug 116577

A long time ago, in a gala^W^W^WGTK+ was not icon theme-aware. And then, one day, it became aware. It was a nice step, but it needed some more work to be developer-friendly. GTK+ 2.6 brought some developer-friendliness since it was now possible to let GTK+ handle icon theme changes for the windows and images. But there were still some areas where improvements were possible.

Then, Christian Neumair came and said: "I shall fix this". And he fixed it.

Christian, you are my hero of the past week.

by Vincent