As promised yesterday, here are some instructions to smoketest GNOME 2.13.2. Right now, only one or two people are doing this before the release. We need more people so we're sure to catch any potential problem.

First, build all the modules. This takes time, but you can leave your computer alone and it will do most of it ;-)

  • go read Elijah's howto,
  • do steps 1 to 4 in Elijah's howto (I suggest you use this .jhbuildrc),
  • then, do:
jhbuild -m bootstrap build meta-bootstrap
jhbuild -m build meta-gnome-desktop

If the build fails for you, please contact the release team or ask on IRC. But it shouldn't fail.

Once the build is finished, it's time to test GNOME:

  • if you don't have a test user, create one. You don't want to test this build of GNOME and lose all your settings, do you? ;-)
  • copy your .jhbuildrc in the test user home directory,
  • create a .xsession file for the test user containing:
exec /path/to/jhbuild run gnome-session

where /path/to is the path where you installed jhbuild.

You can then log in as the test user into your jhbuilt GNOME and verify that everything is working fine. If it's not, please contact the release team or ask on IRC.

Ready to go?

Update: the build fails right now, we're waiting for a libgnome release. I'll update this post once it's out.

Update: everything should be okay, now (well, in a few minutes, once the FTP is synchronized). Smoketesters are welcome :-)