We used to have nice user screenshots gallery in the past. Users like it: they love to be able to see how software can look before downloading it and installing it. So let's have a rocking gallery for 2.14!

Thanks to the wonderful art.gnome.org team, we now have a nice page to collect screenshots. The interface don't show you how to only see some categories (yet), but here are the GNOME 2.14 screenshots. Now, everyone, please use the screenshot tool and take a great screenshot of your desktop. Then go and submit it. If you don't have an art.gnome.org account and don't want to create one, please add a comment to this post with a link to your screenshot or send me a mail.

Note that you can add a small description to each screenshot, so it's a good way to tell everyone which theme, fonts, applications, etc. you're using.

Post your screenshot now!