It's cool to see Ars Technica relaying my call for pessulus co-maintainers. I got some replies and I hope to see some rocking patches during the 2.15 development cycle.

Michael worked a bit on pessulus and sabayon to offer some OOo lockdown. Great to see this! I still need to answer his mail, though. I guess we'll probably want to add more and more settings to lock down for various applications, and having all this hard-coded in pessulus will make it hard to maintain in the future. So one big feature I'd like to see in pessulus for 2.16 is making it extendable, so you can just drop a small file in a directory and it will automagically enable you to lockdown some features. Guess what? Rob Bradford is working on this. Isn't it fantastic to have contributors?

If you want to join the fun, take a look at the pessulus plans for 2.16 and profit! Err, have fun, I mean.