Weehee! GNOME Goal #1 was a big success, with lots of people helping. Right now, only six modules are marked as to do. Rock! Thanks to, in no particular order: Michael Terry, Ruben Vermeersch, Matthias Clasen, Luis Menina, Luca Cavalli, Tommi Vainikainen, Philip Van Hoof, Christian Persch, Sébastien Bacher, Thomas Thurman, Lucas Rocha, Thomas Andersen, Michael Plump, Christian Kirbach, Przemysław Grzegorczyk and a lot of other people (sorry, I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention someone here). Now GNOME is GOption-powered!

But let's continue. I originally thought it'd be great to have a goal based on features. But Behdad and Christian were great and wrote complete pages for some of the goals, which are some nice things we should really do. So, what's special about this second GNOME Goal? Well, it's a combo GNOME Goal: you get two goals for one. The first one is to install theme-friendly icons, because every application has the right to be correctly themed! The second goal is to help our translators, so they don't have to check out an entire module to add a translation. And it's really easy to do this since you only have to put a LINGUAS file, with some other small changes.

Like for the first GNOME Goal, the wiki pages contain all the informations that you need to complete the goals for a module. And everybody is, again, welcome to contribute! It's easy, so don't hesitate and join all the people patching GNOME!

It seems some people already started working on these goals, so you should definitely try to fix one or two modules as soon as possible, while it's still possible ;-)