You have to wonder why I prefer to post comments on my blog instead of using the nice forms on people's blogs... When reading my feeds this morning, I found three great posts, all from Planet Ubuntu.

There's Jonathan, who's reporting about some Linux deployment in prisons. I'm really amazed, but it's not because it's Linux. It's because what's happening there is an effort to help people. There's a real issue (rehabilitation) and they're coming with a good solution. It really looks like what you guys at doing at the Shuttleworth Foundation is most useful. Keep rocking, guys!

Then I read about Jorge, who used pessulus and seems to like it (even if it could be improved). I guess I'm always emotive when people start talking about it ;-) I'd be quite interested to know the gconf keys you had to manually tweak, though: this is really something that you shouldn't have to do.

Last but not least, Ante reports about a fantastic translation effort. This is really impressive. I hope you submitted all your translations upstream so that, for example, the GNOME ones can be included in GNOME 2.14.2 (which is due next week)!