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Thursday 1 June 2006

Hero of the day #2

I'm pretty sure people don't know all the hard work Elijah is doing.

He's always here for the GNOME releases: he's creating the modulesets, he's smoketesting the releases and he does all the hard work. But he always tries to avoid sending the announce for a release. I'm glad that he did send the 2.14.2 announce.

And, well, he wouldn't be so unique without his bugzilla skills. 26 points. Isn't this impressive?

Elijah is a rocking release manager! Buy him a drink at GUADEC!

Hero of the day

I proposed two sessions for GUADEC, but my schedule makes it hard for me to be sure to be available for them.

Enter Quim.

He managed to find volunteers for both sessions while I wasn't able to do so. Sometimes, I'm wondering if he's human.

by Vincent