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Wednesday 28 May 2008

Ich bin ein Berliner

After Prague (will post about it really soon, I promise :-)), I came back home a few days and didn't even have time to feel home: I'm now in Berlin for LinuxTag. Interestingly, I was surprisingly happy to walk in Berlin after landing earlier in the evening. I'm not quite sure why, but I guess it means I have a positive feeling for the city. Also good to see that I'm having fun speaking (or maybe I should say trying to speak) German, while back in school, this was really something I disliked. I guess that's because I now choose to speak German instead of being forced to do so...

I'm getting quite excited about LinuxTag since it will be my first time attending this event, and I wonder how it will be in comparison of the other big events I know. But from what I've heard, that's a pretty decent event :-) It will also be a good occasion to meet a lot of openSUSE people -- always good to put faces on names. Oh, and I've heard there are some cool openSUSE stickers on the booth, so everybody should come and say hi! Hopefully, there'll also be a good bunch of GNOME friends there (can't wait to see them again), and I'll obviously be glad to talk about GNOME with everybody patient enough to listen to me.

On Saturday morning, I'll give a talk around and cross-desktop collaboration during the GNOME track. Of course, as usual for me, my slides are... err... not finished yet ;-) But it's nearly there, really: I just need to sit down and put on paper^Wthe slides what is already completely ready in my brain -- it shouldn't take too long...

Monday 26 May 2008

Release Team Changes

I'm totally late at announcing this, but well, it's never too late, is it? Our GNOME project hero, window management guru and former release manager Elijah left the release team after the GNOME 2.22.0 release. Everybody knows he's been a key member in the release team in the past few years, so we'll just pretend he was useless and we wanted to get rid of him (that's obviously not true and we miss him a lot, but it's easier to pretend we don't miss him ;-))

And since the release team people are all lazy people, we couldn't stay with a missing member. So the fantastic Lucas has joined us. The cool thing is that we can now delegate all the tasks to him and pretend that it's normal work he should do. I've heard from good sources that Lucas loves to do all the boring tasks anyway :-) Lucas, I'll buy you drinks in Istanbul!


Dear Christian,

Please don't spread false rumors. Ice cream Deathmatches are the ultimate experience and wouldn't exist without confidence of all involved parties, which means that only truth can be told. And I shall reveal the truth. Andre and I first tried to organize a deathmatch on one of the early evenings, but we couldn't find any zmrzlina. Then, on a later evening, which you witnessed, Andre gave up because he had drunk too many beers -- he's not that solid after all. But it doesn't matter since GUADEC will most probably see the biggest Ice cream Deathmatch of all times.




And hopefully, I'll be able to post something later today about my highlights of this week in Prague.

by Vincent