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Thursday 10 July 2008

Live from Istanbul: GNOME 3.0

GNOME 2.30 = GNOME 3.0

Slides and details will be posted later. Discuss :-)

GUADEC notes #2

  • The GUADEC keys are awesome. So small. Thanks Mandriva!
  • The Drooling Macaque Band was at the cocktail party yesterday evening. Perhaps we should record them live next year? Oh, and we had this idea of doing a GNOME song in the past...
  • Was glad to hear that I tricked some people into drinking some cherry juice, thinking it was wine. Don't steal my glass :-)
  • Looks like I'm completely exhausted most of the time :/ Could be because of the RMLL conference last week, or because of all the meetings... If you come talk to me and see I'm nearly sleeping, don't worry, just come back 30 minutes later -- I'm generally much better after a while.
  • Having Stormy rocks. Every time I see her, she's either explaining some great ideas, or talking with someone different to learn more about the project and the people. She will just know everything, I guess :-)
  • Having Behdad rocks. He's running everywhere, organizing things, and doing tons of stuff.
  • Luis said "don't be afraid to talk to big people like Michael. He's so right. Everybody here is nice and willing to talk with everybody else. But I can also understand why you can be impressed by Michael -- always brings a new perspective, that makes you think for quite some time :-)
  • Since I push people to pronounce Vincent correctly (ie, french way), I also try to pronounce other names correctly. Makes me feel happy to have this international touch.
  • The Ice Cream Deathmatch will happen tonight, at the boat party. If you see Ali, hug him: he's doing all the hard work to organize it!
  • I heard Kris' keynote about GTK+ this afternoon is most interesting.

by Vincent