Nice headline, isn't it? I should considering moving to a press job :-)

Today at Akademy is an embedded and mobile day, and Nokia gave away one hundred N810. Since then, wherever I go, I see people playing with their new device. And since it's GNOME-based, it means those KDE developers are using GNOME! More seriously, Nokia's strategy of giving devices away for free (or at a reduced price, like they also did previously) really seems to help attract people.

Also, it looks like some KDE people have planned a trap to imprison me here. Hopefully, I'll still be able to escape today. Not that I dislike the discussions I have here (quite the contrary, actually), but I'm supposed to travel to Romania very early tomorrow morning. This also means I'll be offline for a few days and it will be my first complete offline experience since quite some time... I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy this!