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Saturday 4 July 2009

Nokia & GNOME Mobile

Quim just gave his keynote, announcing that maemo will switch to Qt as the main toolkit in the future, with GTK+ being a part of the maemo platform that will become supported by the community. Not a big surprise, since Nokia acquired Trolltech a while ago.

GNOME Mobile in future maemo

The interesting thing, though, is that, listening to Quim's talk, maemo is still a big GNOME Mobile user: the maemo platform will actually still more or less be GNOME Mobile, except that it will be using Qt instead of GTK+. This may come as a surprise to some people since for many, GNOME is GTK+ and GTK+ is GNOME. GNOME is actually way more than GTK+ and the GNOME Mobile platform in particular covers a good number of technologies (glib, dbus, gvfs, bluez, telepathy, avahi, gstreamer, gconf, etc.). All of those technologies are historically close to GNOME (usually living on, or even part of GNOME.

So while the move to Qt is a logical move from Nokia, it's good to see that Nokia stays firmly committed to GNOME Mobile. It's actually quite amazing to see that what we built there is attractive to a big industry player like Nokia (and, well, a bunch of other players ;-)).

GUADEC tidbits #1

  • Arrived on Thursday, and had dinner with Stormy, Rosanna, Jonathan and the evil Lucas. Turned out Lucas and I still have this bad habit of talking in front of a hotel for a long time...
  • Yesterday, we had the first board meeting with the new board. It went amazingly well, with good work going on. It was definitely a good thing to move the elections period to have the meeting at the beginning of the board term.
  • We then went to register for the conference. It always feels good to see familiar faces again :-)
  • Canonical hosted a party yesterday evening, a good occasion to catch up with even more people.
  • At the opening right now. Quite funny to see a warm welcome, with some notes about collaboration from Adrian (from KDE) and Behdad (from GNOME) while they are each at one extreme side of the table ;-) And Behdad has this what am I doing here? funny look; hopefully someone took a picture of him!

by Vincent