In case someone missed this information, in 2012, GUADEC is coming to A Coruña in Spain. This is a city that several members of our community already know well, thanks to various great hackfests. The core conference will be held from July 26th to 29th, with a few more days afterwards for BoF sessions, meetings, hackfests, etc.

I'm taking some time this year to help organize GUADEC, by joining the program committee. I feel we managed to gather a nice group of people (and also a group of nice people) in this committee, with contributors from various areas of the project: Andre, Allan, Ryan, Michael, Lennart, Christian, and myself.

And the call for participation for GUADEC 2012 is now open!

There are the usual topics for this CfP (design, web integration, plumbing, outreach, etc.), but 2012 is also a special year: GNOME will turn 15 in August, just a few days after GUADEC! That's a good opportunity for all kinds of crazy talks about what we did in the past, about looking back at our progress, but also about imagining the next 15 years. For instance, I'd really love to see someone demo old releases, like October GNOME or GNOME 2.0...

So go read the CfP, then go wild and submit a wonderful talk!

Note that there will be a later call for lightning talks, likely in April or May. We're looking for volunteers to help organize the lightning talks; feel free to ping me if you're willing to step up.