I came back from GUADEC yesterday evening. Thanks to Daniel for the nice trip and his comments about swiss people that made us laugh.

GUADEC simply rocked: I'm more motivated than ever, and my list of interesting things to do is also fuller than ever. Jeff's 10x10 talk was great and Glynn's 101 Things to Know about GNOME was so fantastic I think we'll translate it into french so we can show it. I also enjoyed Owen's talk about Cairo and the other ones I attended.

Davyd and I found some time to talk about applets and where we should go. We now have a nice and sensible plan, and I'm pretty excited about it since it should make applets more consistent and easier to write.

The french people (as for example, these two guys) also found some time to meet and discuss a bit about GNOME-FR. We have some really great ideas (short term and long term) and I hope everything will just work out fine.