Since the beginning of GNOME, there's been a french-speaking community around GNOME. This was GNOME-FR.

Nearly two years ago, we finally created a nice website and a mailing list, to help promote GNOME in french-speaking countries. This was GNOME-FR.

And here is GNOME-FR now: we have created a not-for-profit organization in France (what we call association). This organization exists for all the french-speaking GNOME enthusiasts out there. It will assist the french-speaking community (and the broader GNOME community) in the promotion of GNOME and act as an easy-to-find french-speaking point of contact.

You don't need to be French to be a member. You don't need to be a GNOME contributor to be a member. You can even be a member if you don't use GNOME! Everyone can join us.

You can find more informations about the birth of GNOME-FR and about GNOME-FR in a french post I made earlier today, or directly on the website. I forgot to mention: all the linked pages here are of course in French :-)