Last week-end was an event week-end for GNOME-FR: we were at the JDLL 2005. There were a lot of people helping on the booth and I'd like to start with a big thank you to everyone involved.

Talking about the booth, here it how it looked:

Dave can probably tell the difference between this booth and the booth we had last year ;-) We now have posters, more computers, CDs, things to give, nice screens, etc. The GNOME Event Box was really helpful to achieve this. Here it is (I can't find a photo with the box open...):

Diamond Editions kindly sent us some Linux Pratique magazines, since the latest issue featured the GNOME 2.12 LiveCD. They also sent us some LiveCD and we distributed everything:

We also had a nice surprise:

We had a Nokia 770 to show. A lot of people were really interested in it and wanted to buy one as soon as possible.

It was also a good place to meet some people and some friends. Let me mention that Dave is really great. We should have more people like him :-) Each time I discuss with him, there are tons of new ideas in my head. And those are useful ideas.

Again, a big thank you to everyone involved: GNOME-FR people, but also Nokia, Diamond Editions, the organizers (the ALDIL), Murray and everyone I'm forgetting :-)

I'm really glad because GNOME was very well represented there. Since we also held a successful booth at the RMLL, I believe we can say that GNOME-FR is starting to do a good job. Yay for us!