GNOME 2.14.0 is out, and there are a lot of reasons to be proud of it. Thanks everyone!

I'd like to send special thanks to some people for the work they did. I'm a bit sad to come with such a tiny list, so make sure to complete it!

  • Joachim (I'm still waiting for your blog!) for rocking at updating the documentation. And I've heard he won't stop here... Woohoo!
  • Federico and Behdad for the work they did on performance. The difference is more than noticable: it's huge!
  • Elijah has survived a snowstorm to release 2.14.0. But I have to say this is only one of his many exploits. Don't we love our fantastic release manager?
  • Kjartan. Glynn was right about Kjartan: just look at the results of his 2.14.0 smoketesting. We need more Kjartans!

Now, I can't wait for 2.16. I can already feel the good work we'll all be doing in the next six months.