If you're interested to see who will work on the Summer of Code for GNOME, run to the Planet GNOME Summer of Code 2006! I guess this will be the best place to monitor all the cool work that will happen in the next three months. There's also #soc on irc.gnome.org, so feel free to join. Some discussion will also happen on gnome-soc-list, where all the students and the mentors should be subscribed, but this will most probably be some administrative discussions.

It looks like I'll mentor Ryan and Etienne for GNOME. Ryan will work on the applets and I believe the result will be amazing. It might look like a project that will only have an impact on developers, but in the end, it will change the way we work with the applets and, hopefully, the notification area. Etienne will provide a library to use scanners, based on SANE, but with real UI love. The library should of course be dead-easy to use it in your application.

I'll also help Sébastien mentor Peter Moberg for an Ubuntu project. Peter will work on two small applications (and maybe more, if he has time), the main idea behind them being that it should be easy to save, restore, and maybe even share your GNOME configuration. Like, for example, sharing your panel layout, or restoring the initial configuration of GNOME. I know I'll use this when smoketesting GNOME!

Some of the students will go to GUADEC. This is good news since they should all feel part of our community. I hope they'll be able to show us some of their work they've done.

I nearly forgot the teaser: expect some other good news related to the Summer of Code in the next few days ;-)