Apply to Google Summer of Code 2007

The good news of the day for students is that the deadline to apply for SoC has been pushed back to March 26th. But don't wait the last minute to apply ;-) You can look at some of the project ideas the community proposed, but also you can of course apply for a project not listed there. And don't forget that we love GStreamer and Avahi and we're ready to accept applications related to those projects if this can help improve GNOME, so take a look at the GStreamer project ideas and Avahi project ideas!

Also, I want to thank Christian and Lucas who are really helping a lot for the organization of this SoC. Actually, both of them are now joining Behdad and myself as SoC administrators for GNOME :-)

Oh, and since it's not too late here in France: "Noruz mobarak" to all our Iranian friends!