2002-03-27  Sebastian Rittau  <srittau jroger in-berlin de>

	* gncal/month-view.c:
	Christian: Order events correctly in the month view. (Bugzilla #35052)

	Fixes by Vincent Untz:

	* gncal/gncal-week-view.c:
	Week view does now honor week_start_on_monday. (Bugzilla #2334)

	* gncal/gncal-week-view.c:
	Now, the current day is selected in the calendar widget.
	(Bugzilla #73816)

	* gncal/timeutil.c: (time_week_begin, time_week_end):
	Remove FIXMEs by honoring week_starts_on_monday.

	* gncal/gncal-week-view.c: (jump_to_day, sync_week,
	Cleanups and small fixes.

	* gncal/gncal-day-panel.c: (gncal_day_panel_set):
	Fix a bug where the label in the day view did not appear after
	program start.

	* gncal/week-view.[ch]:
	Removed unused files.

I believe this was my first contribution to GNOME. I'm still far from being an old GNOMEr, though: GNOME is nearly 10 years old and at least someone is there from the beginning :-)