After being in Amiens for the RMLL last week (more on this in a post to come), I'm now in Birmingham for GUADEC. It's cool to meet everyone again (and to hear Olivier's nice Quebec accent). Oh, and really, thanks to the people who waited for me at the airport: that was really nice of them.

If you want to have a chat about:

  • panels (I have a new interest in vertical panels, lately, and I'd love to hear of people who use them)
  • applets (new API, of course)
  • libwnck (any complaint or pet bug?)
  • specs (this is a hidden message for packagers: it'd be really great to have a package with all fd.o specs so we can have them in yelp or devhelp)
  • GNOME and academic world (I'm mainly interested in having a concrete plan to build a real community there)
  • the GNOME roadmap
  • seeing if there's any blocker to use GPG in our infrastructure (isn't it time to have signed tarballs?)

then feel free to look for me. Of course, I'm interested in everything else too ;-)

Ah, and here are some of Olav's plans, since he wanted to use me as a TODO list:

  • finding some new people for the accounts team, or for working on bugzilla

Well, I guess that's already too many things to discuss for this week, and I didn't mention that there are some great talks to attend ;-)