Done, yay! Oh, you're wondering what's done? Well, I'm now Dr. Untz. Quite a few people knew that things were going forward on this front lately, and I want to thank everybody who supported me in some way. That's also partly why I've disappeared in August and September (you know, writing a thesis manuscript can take some time) and in the last few days (for the defense, of course). Things went quite well, and I was lucky enough to have Daniel, Dodji and Christophe (Fergeau... what? no blog for you?!) come attend my defense. I've of course taken a few days to rest and sleep after all this. It's great to be able to procrastinate again ;-)

Of course, it's time to start seriously thinking about the future, and especially about my future job. I've got some ideas, and I've been talking here and there with people and asking friends for thoughts. It's clearly not an easy task to choose what you want to do, and where/how you want to do it... Interesting times. Feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts about this: all input is welcome!

(There are some more details in my french post about all this, if you're curious. Everybody understands French, right?)