I wanted to post this announce on Monday, but got busy with other things... But it's not too late: in a bit less than 6 hours (at 19:00 UTC), a small team of GNOME mentors for the Google Summer of Code will meet and work hard to select the projects that we'll mentor this year. I guess that, like for all previous years, people will fight hard for their favorite projects ;-) It's generally not easy, since there are some really interesting projects that we might need to reject. If you want to participate to this meeting and you don't know where it will occur (which means you're not subscribed to soc-mentors-list!), ping me on IRC.

I took nearly all my Monday afternoon to browse again most of the applications. I could at least identify one thing that we did bad this year: there are applications related to many GNOME modules, and for some of those applications, no maintainer of the relevant module commented or even took a look. I tried to ping (or to have someone else ping) those maintainers to get their opinion about the project, so all in all, we should be fine, but that will be something to keep in mind for next year, I guess. Also, we received quite less applications than last year -- I guess this can be explained by the fact that some projects like Gnumeric or GStreamer are now directly participating to GSoC. However, the good news is that I have the feeling we have around the same number of good applications.

Can't wait the meeting to at last know what projects we'll be able to watch during the summer :-)