It feels like summer here. Oh, you might not know where "here" is: Valencia. I got invited to talk at GUADEMY, and so far it's pretty good. Good to see some friendly faces (can't find all the links to all blogs), and to be lost in translation again (although I can get a few words here and there if I listen carefully). Thanks to the organizers for having thought to me (and of course, to Novell for having let me come ;-)).

I finished my specifications: are they boring? talk nearly a hour ago. I should probably put the slides somewhere, but basically it was about explaining the current status of the specifications and describing the huge list of things that we're doing wrong there. But there's no need to be negative about the future: there are some basic steps that we can follow to help improve the situation. Like better hosting, better update process, better consistency, more visibility. I'll probably talk a bit more about this in the future. The feedback was good, so at least, it seems I'm not thinking totally wrong ;-) Also, the talk was live-translated, which was pretty amazing, although I can't be sure I wasn't insulted in some way in the translations (nah, kidding, everybody is warmly welcoming here).

Oh, and I wish we had university campus in France as nice as the one in Valencia. It surely feels good. Or maybe it's just that it feels like summer :-)