I heard here and there people wondering about the Boston Summit this year: Will it happen or not? When will it be? Where? Who? What? Why? 42?

It turns out we're starting to have most of the answers to those questions. And I'll leak them now because I'm sure it will help a few people -- there'll probably an official announce with a nice mail and everything later. First, of course it's going to happen :-) And you can already find the important details on the wiki page:

So you can start booking everything and tell us you're coming! If you want to step up and help with the organization, I'm pretty sure you'll be welcome. A good first task would be to help writing an official announce, for example ;-) But you can also propose a session, or help create a schedule for the summit, or propose a few places where people can meet in the evening... I guess many people already know the drill.

Just one small warning: we're trying to organize a small hackfest related to user experience the week before the Summit (I'm saying trying because we're still looking at the financial side of it so we can't confirm it yet). There'd be some hackers, artists and of course UI people. If you think there's a good reason for you to attend this hackfest, then the first thing is to wait a bit before booking your travel for the Summit. No, really, you don't want to book a flight for the Summit and then realize you also want to book a flight for the hackfest :-) Once you're convinced to wait, send a mail to Owen and me. Only around 10 people would attend this hackfest, and we already have some people in mind, but maybe we didn't think about you yet... Hopefully, we'll have more details about this hackfest in a not-too-distant future.