The answer is, of course, that you're going to Brussels for the FOSDEM. And as usual, GNOME will be there. Christophe took care of everything and we'll have a devroom (GNOME-only on Saturday, shared for cross-desktop talks on Sunday, as we did in the past few years) and a booth this year again! I created some wiki pages about the GNOME presence at FOSDEM a few minutes ago (yeah for copy & paste!), but I guess they need some more work.

I guess there will be a call for presentation so we can have an amazing week-end in the devroom, and you can already start thinking about stuff you can talk about there. Christophe will handle all that. While the devroom looks good, we have an issue with the booth right now: so far, we don't have an official organizer. It'd be really nice to have someone step up and take care of organizing the presence of volunteers on the booth and of making sure that we have all the necessary materials for the booth. That's not really a hard job, and it's really a nice and effective way to contribute to our community.

So if you want to help with the organization of the GNOME presence at FOSDEM, and especially for the booth, go read Christophe's announcement and contact him!

Update: of course, blogging past midnight is not good idea. It's not February 6-7, but 7-8 :-)