my corner

Welcome to my small corner

You're entering my homepage, a small corner in the huge world wide web. This is a place where I can talk about everything and about nothing. An ideal place for my self-centeredness, but also a place aspiring to calm and simplicity.

Please take a breath and stop a few seconds here. Don't read the page, but simply take a pause in your life. Escape your body. Take a real breath.

If you're interested in knowing me, a simple first step is to take a look at my blog. It will enables you to learn about my interests and my opinions, my worries and my fortunes. Beware, though, because most of it is written in French.

In order to know more about this site, or in order to contact me, you can go to the about page that will hopefully contains answers to your questions.

Do not forget to breathe.

by Vincent