GNOME 2.30

Amazing banner for Two Thirty by Andreas Nilsson

It's out and it's good :-) Go read the release notes to get more details about 2.30! You know the drill now: this release is already included in the development branch of most distributions, and you'll see it in stable distributions released in the next few months.

I've thought hard about it and after careful consideration, I'm positive that my favorite change in this release is the redesigned Swell Foop (previously named Same Gnome). Sure, it's neither the most visible change nor the most useful one, but the new clutter-based engine for this simple game makes it really addictive!

If you use openSUSE Factory, GNOME 2.30 is already available from the GNOME:Factory project in the build service, and I pushed it to Factory today, so it'll be in the next milestone. But there's more! I really love the fact that we're able to easily ship the latest releases of various applications for our stable openSUSE release. Yes, that means that if you're an adventurous openSUSE 11.2 user, you can also play with it today! There are instructions for 11.2 users on the wiki, but please do read the warning at the top of the page :-) The GNOME team will work a bit on it to make sure it's all stable so that non-adventurous users can also enjoy it!

Many thanks to everyone involved in this release, especially to the various people who helped for this release in the last few days — there were more late tarballs than usual, for example, but we still managed to get 128 new tarballs compared to 2.29.92 (and I ended up rolling 30 tarballs myself, a new world record!). And my good friend Andreas saved my world again with his 2.30 banner :-)

Now let's have an ice cream party!