In less than one month, people from all around the world will gather for the openSUSE Conference 2010! It will be in Nuremberg (Germany), from October 20th to 23rd, and the program is full of promises. So don't wait and go straight to the registration form (it's obviously free)!

openSUSE Conference 2010

With the Collaborate accross borders theme, I certainly hope we'll get people from many projects coming: this event is a perfect place to have informal chats between upstream and downstream people, but also between people working on different distributions. We all have a lot in common, sharing many goals, and making sure that communication occurs between all of us is most important.

To build some momentum for the conference, Henne has started interviewing some speakers. There are two interviews so far, but I'm sure he'll keep publishing more until the very last day :-) You can go read my ramblings about GNOME 3, or get to learn about the automated testing work that Bernhard did. He truly did a fantastic job, and what matters most to me is that this is not openSUSE-specific and it could benefit other distributions!

Will you join us to make the openSUSE Conference rock even more? :-)