GNOME 2.32

GNOME 2.32 banner by Vinicius Depizzol

After some unexpected last-minute action, GNOME 2.32 is out! It's a smaller release than usual, as we started this cycle with 3.0 as a target and decided to change the plans during GUADEC. So some modules just have bug fixes, with their cool new features incubating for 3.0. Still, there are some neat changes in there: for instance, metacontacts in Empathy will certainly make people happy, and the SyncTeX support in Evince is just amazing! With the inclusion of Rygel and gnome-color-manager, we also move GNOME closer to the perfect desktop ;-)

Go read the release notes for more information about this release! It's a bit of a shame that we didn't get any real reaction to Paul's request for screenshots, and with more help, the release notes would also have mentions of the new modules. Oh well, this will hopefully help us get more people to work on the release notes next time.

It feels a bit weird, but I'm glad that this is the last major release of 2.x era. For real, this time ;-) We'll get a maintenance release in November, but it will only provide a few bug fixes, since most contributors are already completely focused on making 3.0 rock!