Update: in case people had any doubt, this was an April 1st joke :-)

The Bangalore Hackfest was really useful for the release team to evaluate the status of GNOME 3. We really want GNOME 3 to be amazing, and various recent events lead us to wonder if doing the release next week is a good thing; we had a lot of discussion and meetings, and we even had a call with the Board to evaluate different options.

It was not an easy decision, but after announcing that GNOME 3 would occur in September 2010 instead of March 2010 as originally planned, and then pushing it back to March 2011, we have to announce another delay: GNOME 3.0 is now scheduled for September 2011.

The announcement linked above explains the various reasons for this decision, which was really hard to take. You can also go read the next mail I sent afterwards to the same mailing list for more information. I really want to thank all the community for their hard work, and everybody should just keep rocking. Because what we achieved so far is still pretty impressive.

Of course, this changes a bit the topic for the talks we're going to deliver to the GNOME.Asia conference, especially my keynote scheduled tomorrow on April 2nd...