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Wednesday 26 October 2005

Voting blank

Daniel: it seems a lot of (french) people wonder how to vote blank for the referendum. It's possible: log in on the voting page and click next without selecting "yes" or "no". You're done.

But do not vote blank, vote yes :-)

GNOME life: referendum, YES, 2.13.1 and more

So, the voting period of the Reducing Board Size Referendum finally started yesterday. This was more difficult than expected since some tools were not totally ready and we had a lot of membership applications, but we managed to do it. Just a bit late :-) I think the web interface for voting is a huge improvement over the previous email one. I just hope I didn't leave any bugs there. Well, we'll see in a few days, I suppose. Many thanks to the sysadmins for their really useful help, especially Ross and Toni.

I'm glad to see so much debate about the referendum on foundation-list. I hope members will stay involved in the Foundation like this after the referendum and the elections. With such a debate, it seems some people (including I) will expect a lot from the next board, especially delegating a lot of work.

I have voted for "YES". Glynn and Luis nicely explain why I think this is the right choice. And maybe we'll see the end of the popularity contest at the next elections.

In other news, GNOME 2.13.1 was released today. This is the first release of the new 2.13.x development cycle. Thanks to Dom and Caleb for being reactive and releasing lots of librsvg tarballs :-) There are already some nice proposed modules for inclusion in the Desktop, and with the work being done on performance, GNOME 2.14 is going to be the best Desktop out there.

And you know what? Everyone can help make GNOME 2.14 rock. There are a lot of ways to help and I'll post something about this later. Share the love!

Also, I kick Jeff ;-)

by Vincent