GNOME will have a devroom at the next FOSDEM. You can learn all the details about devrooms, but what you need to know is that it will be a place where a lot of GNOME people will be and it will rock!

GNOME-FR people are organizing the devroom (you can even see our page for that, but it's in French :-)). To make our devroom rock even harder, we want cool talks about GNOMEy things. Christophe sent a call for talks a few days ago two weeks ago (I'm late ;-)). There are already some interesting talks:

  • gtkmm and glom, by Murray
  • GnomeMeeting, by Damien
  • the GNOME community, by Dodji and Laurent
  • Developing GNOME apps in ruby, by Laurent (not the same Laurent)
  • Gscore, one of the first application making heavy use of cairo, by Sébastien
  • Kicking arse with GNOME advocacy, by Jeff

We also had some nice ideas of talks, waiting for talkers:

  • Developing with pygtk
  • a GNOME love talk
  • why will GNOME 2.14 be our best release?
  • ...

If you want to do a talk, then you win! I don't know what you win, but to know it, send a mail to Christophe and Laurent with your talk idea.

I know you all want to come to the GNOME devroom. So, everyone, please open your calendar and mark February 25 and 26th as two days where you'll be in Brussels.