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Thursday 20 April 2006

DOAP love and software map

Nearly a month ago, Simon Rozet contacted me to know how to get involved in GNOME or GNOME-FR. After a bit of discussion, it turned out he was quite interested in working on a DOAP-powered software map. He started doing some stuff, and he produced a small tarball with some scripts that can produce webpages, a bit like what Apache is doing.

I'm pretty sure he would love to get feedback on this, so people should definitely download the tarball and improve everything in there. It's just a quick draft and it's not perfect, so there's surely room to improve. It would definitely rock to get something like this on our website!

Desktop track at the RMLL

The RMLL are a big free software event in France. Last year, GNOME-FR held a booth there and it was a really huge success (definitely one of the best booths we ever had). We'll most probably be here again, with rocking GNOME-FR people.

There's also some news for this year's event: there's a desktop track. I can't imagine having a great GNOME booth without having some excellent GNOME talks, so everyone who wants to visit France at the beginning of July and who is ready to talk about GNOME, from a technical point of view or from a user-oriented point of view should propose a talk. There are only 15 talk slots, and we'll share this with other projects, but I guess we should definitely aim at having at least 4 talks.

Did I mention France is really a country you should visit at least once? Contact me if you're interested.

by Vincent