The RMLL are a big free software event in France. Last year, GNOME-FR held a booth there and it was a really huge success (definitely one of the best booths we ever had). We'll most probably be here again, with rocking GNOME-FR people.

There's also some news for this year's event: there's a desktop track. I can't imagine having a great GNOME booth without having some excellent GNOME talks, so everyone who wants to visit France at the beginning of July and who is ready to talk about GNOME, from a technical point of view or from a user-oriented point of view should propose a talk. There are only 15 talk slots, and we'll share this with other projects, but I guess we should definitely aim at having at least 4 talks.

Did I mention France is really a country you should visit at least once? Contact me if you're interested.