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Saturday 21 July 2007

Translation sprint at GUADEC

Please help with translating an essential feature of GNOME. Oh, and Olivier filed a blocker for GNOME 2.20.

Friday 20 July 2007

GUADEC telegram #2

  • Federico is now the proud wearer of the GNOME Thank You Pants! Everybody hug him!
  • We didn't really have time to announce the GNOME Love/Hate wall that's at GUADEC, but there were still many people adding notes there (even though if some of them disappeared after a while).
  • To whomever wrote "vuntz loves me" on the hate side of the wall: I still love you ;-)
  • Nice advisory board meeting this afternoon: I'm quite happy about how it went.
  • Danilo is still drunk. We're used to it now.
  • Lots of people come to me to talk about applets and panel, and stuff. Danilo has a good point explaining my surprise about this: "true, why are they coming to you? You know nothing about all this."
  • I haven't mentioned it yet: Andreas is tiny. Please, someone, change his hackergotchi to be half of the current size. (Hrm, now I need to avoid meeting him again ;-))
  • Lucas' Finnish is perfect. Now I know why.
  • Oh, Behdad, I found an USB key with this image. There was a small message with it: "If you want to have it back, you have to fix 20 pango bugs before tomorrow morning." I'm sorry. Really.

Nice hat!

Wednesday 18 July 2007

GUADEC telegram

  • It's a bad idea to go back to the hotel early (well, not too late) from a party (thanks OpenedHand and Collabora!), and to end up staying in the lobby for a few more hours.
  • Don, I'm sad to announce you that I'm now more a fan of Thomas than a fan of you. Sorry. I still don't know if his girlfriend is okay with this, though.
  • On the other hand, I've had a short love story with Gil too. For some reasons, I became Silvia. My catalan accent is lovely, I guess.
  • Alex's gvfs talk was great. I can't wait for it.
  • Daniel: now I remember, you had my badge and you said this! You're fired!
  • I now know when the next-gen Nokia hardware will come: when I asked Lucas if it will be released in October of this year, he looked at the right of me. I'm 100% sure it meant yes. Or maybe he was just looking at a nice car, but I'm usually good at guessing what people think when they look at the right of me.
  • I loved Fernando's and Xan's introduction to the GTK+ 3.0 BoF. It was recorded, so it should be online at some point in the future for people who couldn't attend.
  • It's fun to see french people coming from all parts of France. I don't think I've ever met someone as proud of his region as Sébastien (he's from Alsace).
  • I only have three t-shirts so far. Hrm, I guess I need to start hunting for OpenedHand/Openismus/Collabora/etc. t-shirts.
  • I'd love to bribe someone to rewrite the UI for gnome-about. Would a drink be enough?
  • The Mandriva USB key is really a good idea. Okay, let's be honest: I didn't boot on it (yet), but it's a 2 GB key ;-)
  • If anybody here at GUADEC can reproduce bug 446183 (crash of gnome-panel on login, seems to only/mainly happen on Fedora 7), please come and see me.
  • I met someone you found a big weird hat belonging to a GUADEC participant. But I don't remember the name of the first dude. He's an artist hero, though. If you lost a hat, look for him!

Monday 16 July 2007

Re: As heard on Guadec

Dear Wouter,

I forwarded the bug you showed me yesterday evening to Vincent Untz and he fixed it a few hours ago. Since I was busy attending talks/meetings all the day, I hope this will be a good enough proof to convince people I'm not Vincent Untz when it comes to bugs.

However, if anybody feels like paying Vincent Untz a free orange juice, just come and see me. Since I'm not talking about beer but orange juice, I hope this will be a good enough proof to convince people I'm Vincent Untz when it comes to things that are not bugs.



Sunday 15 July 2007

First night in Birmingham

After being in Amiens for the RMLL last week (more on this in a post to come), I'm now in Birmingham for GUADEC. It's cool to meet everyone again (and to hear Olivier's nice Quebec accent). Oh, and really, thanks to the people who waited for me at the airport: that was really nice of them.

If you want to have a chat about:

  • panels (I have a new interest in vertical panels, lately, and I'd love to hear of people who use them)
  • applets (new API, of course)
  • libwnck (any complaint or pet bug?)
  • specs (this is a hidden message for packagers: it'd be really great to have a package with all fd.o specs so we can have them in yelp or devhelp)
  • GNOME and academic world (I'm mainly interested in having a concrete plan to build a real community there)
  • the GNOME roadmap
  • seeing if there's any blocker to use GPG in our infrastructure (isn't it time to have signed tarballs?)

then feel free to look for me. Of course, I'm interested in everything else too ;-)

Ah, and here are some of Olav's plans, since he wanted to use me as a TODO list:

  • finding some new people for the accounts team, or for working on bugzilla

Well, I guess that's already too many things to discuss for this week, and I didn't mention that there are some great talks to attend ;-)

by Vincent