• Federico is now the proud wearer of the GNOME Thank You Pants! Everybody hug him!
  • We didn't really have time to announce the GNOME Love/Hate wall that's at GUADEC, but there were still many people adding notes there (even though if some of them disappeared after a while).
  • To whomever wrote "vuntz loves me" on the hate side of the wall: I still love you ;-)
  • Nice advisory board meeting this afternoon: I'm quite happy about how it went.
  • Danilo is still drunk. We're used to it now.
  • Lots of people come to me to talk about applets and panel, and stuff. Danilo has a good point explaining my surprise about this: "true, why are they coming to you? You know nothing about all this."
  • I haven't mentioned it yet: Andreas is tiny. Please, someone, change his hackergotchi to be half of the current size. (Hrm, now I need to avoid meeting him again ;-))
  • Lucas' Finnish is perfect. Now I know why.
  • Oh, Behdad, I found an USB key with this image. There was a small message with it: "If you want to have it back, you have to fix 20 pango bugs before tomorrow morning." I'm sorry. Really.

Nice hat!