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Thursday 10 May 2012

Some news about GUADEC 2012 content

Notification to speakers

The GUADEC 2012 programme committee took a bit more time than first anticipated to evaluate all talk submissions, but it's now all done: this morning, we finally sent the notification to speakers. Thanks to everyone who submitted a talk: it looks like we'll have a great GUADEC :-) Of course, we still need to create the schedule, but that should be trivial, right? (hmm...)

If you submitted a talk and didn't get a positive or negative answer by mail, please first check your spam folder: mail is from guadec-papers, and contains Your talk at GUADEC 2012 in the subject. If you don't find anything, feel free to ping me.

Help organize the lightning talks!

Next step is the call for lightning talks and for BoFs! I guess this will happen in the next few days. I don't think we have anyone in charge of this yet, so if that's something you'd like to help with, just drop us a quick mail on guadec-list and we'll happily give you a I'm fantastic: I'm helping organize GUADEC badge ;-)

Friday 13 April 2012

Submit your talk for GUADEC 2012 now!

If you want to give a talk at GUADEC 2012 in A Coruña (Spain), hurry up: the deadline for the GUADEC CfP is tomorrow. Don't think twice, just go ahead and submit your talk!

Friday 30 March 2012

GNOME 3.4 is out, time to think about GUADEC!

GNOME 3.4: The web at your fingertips

The web at your fingertips (GNOME 3.4 banner)

One year ago, the release of GNOME 3.0 was laying solid foundations for the new design of our software. Fast forward to this week: our project is reaching the 3.4 milestone. It comes with a new flow of improvements for our users, and I believe it highlights our commitment to the GNOME 3 vision to offer a modern and innovative environment: revamped look of applications, the application menus, the many small annoyances we fixed, etc. But this is not all: the community is also preparing for the next level with behind the scenes work such as smooth scrolling and support for touch events.

Now that 3.4 is out, I know a lot of people are looking forward to the 3.6 release! Cool stuff is coming in the next six months, and there will an amazing opportunity before September to share what you believe will matter: GUADEC at the end of July!

So now that you're all done with the 3.4 release, it's time to go read again the GUADEC CfP and submit your awesome talk!

Port of A Coruña

Port of A Coruña, where you will join us for GUADEC 2012!

Oh, and I cannot avoid a mention about GNOME 3.4 in the openSUSE land :-) The openSUSE GNOME team quickly got 3.4.0 packaged: it was in GNOME:Factory on Wednesday already, and the late tarballs were integrated yesterday. All of this has been submitted to Factory so it will be in the next 12.2 milestone. And some people are starting to look at building GNOME 3.4 for openSUSE 12.1 too, if you prefer to stay on a stable distribution.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Call for Participation for GUADEC 2012

In case someone missed this information, in 2012, GUADEC is coming to A Coruña in Spain. This is a city that several members of our community already know well, thanks to various great hackfests. The core conference will be held from July 26th to 29th, with a few more days afterwards for BoF sessions, meetings, hackfests, etc.

I'm taking some time this year to help organize GUADEC, by joining the program committee. I feel we managed to gather a nice group of people (and also a group of nice people) in this committee, with contributors from various areas of the project: Andre, Allan, Ryan, Michael, Lennart, Christian, and myself.

And the call for participation for GUADEC 2012 is now open!

There are the usual topics for this CfP (design, web integration, plumbing, outreach, etc.), but 2012 is also a special year: GNOME will turn 15 in August, just a few days after GUADEC! That's a good opportunity for all kinds of crazy talks about what we did in the past, about looking back at our progress, but also about imagining the next 15 years. For instance, I'd really love to see someone demo old releases, like October GNOME or GNOME 2.0...

So go read the CfP, then go wild and submit a wonderful talk!

Note that there will be a later call for lightning talks, likely in April or May. We're looking for volunteers to help organize the lightning talks; feel free to ping me if you're willing to step up.

Friday 5 August 2011

Joining the masses... in Berlin

I'm going to Desktop Summit 2011

I happen to go to Berlin next week, and it seems a awful amount of other people are going too (including the evil twin). I wonder why so many people. Maybe they all want to listen to my ramblings on Monday just before the lunch break, or attend a dream team session later on the very same Monday, about upstream and downstream and co-presented by Allison Randal, Jaroslav Řezník, Harald Sitter and yours truly.

Of course, this could also be because of the FreeFA Tournament, sponsored by SUSE this year. This football game is always one of the highlights of our summer events, and I must admit I can't wait to see Bastien give it another try.

However I don't see any ice cream deathmatch in the program. This is rather unfortunate, but I guess Diego was way too afraid of trying again anyway... Or maybe the true Lennart voluntarily sabotaged this?

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