We all know Lennart. No need to mention his last name since there's only one (well, nobody can pronounce his last name anyway). As we all know, Lennart looks like this:

The Lennart we know

The Lennart we know (note his red t-shirt, did you ever see him with a non-red t-shirt?)

But at LinuxTag, I discovered he was trying to hide the truth, even though I still have no idea why. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Lennart we know is only an illusion! Yes, he was pretending all the time! And yes, to confuse all of us, he's sometimes hiding behind another picture! I know it will come as a shock to everyone, and I know it will be difficult to admit, but here is the true Lennart:

The true Lennart

The true Lennart (yes, it's the same person: look at the t-shirt!)