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Monday 25 October 2010

Sending feedback to Ubuntu

I'll blog a bit later about how the openSUSE Conference went and all the good stuff that happened there, but since I'm at UDS, it's a good time to get discussion with Ubuntu and send some feedback to this downstream. Obviously, the recent news makes this week much more... how to put it... challenging. I won't talk about that right now — trying to get more discussion here before — but obviously, I won't say I'm pleased with this decision (and I like Jeff's comment about it ;-)). The main reason of my presence here is to get more communication happening between Ubuntu and GNOME and openSUSE, so:

  • to all GNOME friends: Andreas, Ryan and I are in Orlando attending UDS, which means you should not hesitate to tell us what we should discuss with Ubuntu. Leave a comment here, or send us a mail.
  • to all openSUSE friends: same thing, ping me if there is a topic where you want more information, or if there's something where you want to get some collaboration with Ubuntu.

Thursday 25 May 2006

Planet Ubuntu comments

You have to wonder why I prefer to post comments on my blog instead of using the nice forms on people's blogs... When reading my feeds this morning, I found three great posts, all from Planet Ubuntu.

There's Jonathan, who's reporting about some Linux deployment in prisons. I'm really amazed, but it's not because it's Linux. It's because what's happening there is an effort to help people. There's a real issue (rehabilitation) and they're coming with a good solution. It really looks like what you guys at doing at the Shuttleworth Foundation is most useful. Keep rocking, guys!

Then I read about Jorge, who used pessulus and seems to like it (even if it could be improved). I guess I'm always emotive when people start talking about it ;-) I'd be quite interested to know the gconf keys you had to manually tweak, though: this is really something that you shouldn't have to do.

Last but not least, Ante reports about a fantastic translation effort. This is really impressive. I hope you submitted all your translations upstream so that, for example, the GNOME ones can be included in GNOME 2.14.2 (which is due next week)!

Friday 17 March 2006

Oops, we did it again

Daniel found this most wonderful comment about the hug day. I really love the hug day concept. It really matches the spirit of Ubuntu.

And guess what? It is back: today is the hug day!

Friday 10 February 2006

Ubuntu Desktop News, second issue

The new Ubuntu Desktop News issue is out! It's later than expected but it's finally here. And we hope it's as good as expected. Or even better. Tell us what you think about it!

It talks about all the cool stuff that has been happening in the Ubuntu Desktop world:

  • "Good day"?
  • Here comes the desktop lover
  • Snappier multimedia experience
  • New interface to install packages
  • What's new in the Dapper desktop?
  • Light on... ekiga
  • Interview with a desktop hero
  • Love tasks for Desktop lovers
  • Desktop Team meetings
  • Hug days
  • About the Desktop Team

If you didn't receive it yet in your inbox (aren't you subscribed to ubuntu-news?), you can read it online!

Thursday 15 December 2005

Ubuntu Desktop News is out!

The first issue of UDN is out! Check it out!

It contains some cool news about the latest development in the Ubuntu Desktop, about how to contribute to the Desktop Team but also about who the people in the Team are:

  • GConf should be faster than ever
  • Simplified menu for the user
  • How to install a .deb file? Double-click on it!
  • All your translations are belong to us
  • New logout dialog
  • What's new in the Dapper desktop?
  • Light on... rhythmbox
  • Interview with a desktop hero
  • Love tasks for Desktop lovers
  • Desktop Team meetings
  • Hug days
  • About the Desktop Team

Go read it now!

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