I'll blog a bit later about how the openSUSE Conference went and all the good stuff that happened there, but since I'm at UDS, it's a good time to get discussion with Ubuntu and send some feedback to this downstream. Obviously, the recent news makes this week much more... how to put it... challenging. I won't talk about that right now — trying to get more discussion here before — but obviously, I won't say I'm pleased with this decision (and I like Jeff's comment about it ;-)). The main reason of my presence here is to get more communication happening between Ubuntu and GNOME and openSUSE, so:

  • to all GNOME friends: Andreas, Ryan and I are in Orlando attending UDS, which means you should not hesitate to tell us what we should discuss with Ubuntu. Leave a comment here, or send us a mail.
  • to all openSUSE friends: same thing, ping me if there is a topic where you want more information, or if there's something where you want to get some collaboration with Ubuntu.