I came back from the Hague after GUADEC nearly two weeks ago, and I still haven't posted anything about it. Bad me. The short summary: it was a really great event! I don't know exactly why, but I'm thinking it's the GUADEC I enjoyed the most. Many thanks to all the organization team who did a fantastic job! Also a big thank you to the sponsors who made this event possible!

GUADEC Group Photo

GUADEC Group Photo by Nicolas Christener (Creative Commons by)
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The first few days of the events were quite busy between a good board meeting on Sunday (woo, and the last one for me!), a Monday where Frédéric and I chatted with various teams about the current status of GNOME and an advisory board meeting with useful feedback on Tuesday. Busy but good busy. And after that, the event simply went well. I don't think I attended many presentations since I used most of my time to chat with people — that's what is most useful for me at events.

Some tidbits about the event (I have more coming in a later post):

  • The first thing I did when I got at the hotel: I slept for a few hours. Jetlag. When traveling from France to the Netherlands.
  • Apparently, Diego and Germán slept together, and took a shower together. I'm happy for them!
  • Quote from the very first evening: This is not javascript, this is real code. -- Diego, who works on a web browser.
  • Somehow, I couldn't stop saying we when talking about the board. I guess that's what happens after four years and a half.
  • Daniel (or David? ;-)) has a twin, Adrien, and it turns out they were sharing the same room.
  • We had a release team meeting during the event. On IRC. (only two release team people were in the Hague on Monday).
  • I was surprised to see the GNOME roadmap we've started working on in Jon's slides. But good surprise :-)
  • People loved the openSUSE Geekos we gave away! We need more of that!