GUADEC Open Space

GUADEC Open Space by Sense Hofstede (Creative Commons by-sa)

See my previous post for the first GUADEC tidbits.

  • Of course, Fernando and Xan's talk was a great moment!
  • Apparently, I was not for sale (I didn't know, or well, I knew it). And the result is that someone I won't name (let's call this someone Kat) tried to buy me. Without success.
  • Sílvia and Gil won the GNOME Pants this year! Woo! It's a bit sad that they chose to wear it only during the Collabora party: they pretended they were not the right size...
  • I had quit an interesting chat with Luis during the Collabora party. I liked his keynote.
  • Gustavo and I are invincible at table football when in the same team. Mwahahaha!
  • Some people didn't know how to easily get GNOME Shell running from GDM. I hope that by now, most distributions do something like openSUSE, where you can select a GNOME 3 Preview session in GDM.
  • Ryan made some I support the release team stickers. Sweet. He also made some that used a cryptic vuntz 3.0 message...
  • Jos, the new openSUSE community manager, happens to live just a few kilometers away from the Hague. He was still at his previous work back then, but we were able to share a dinner before the Canonical party.
  • I got a very nice Openismus t-shirt (thanks Kat!). I was told there's a fox on it. I see a cat.
  • It was great to have more time with Dominique, one famous openSUSE hero.
  • Bastien and I tried to send a poster to a generous Friends of GNOME donor. During 45 minutes, we walked around, asked people, looked on maps, etc. to find a post office. And when we found one, it didn't have what we needed to send the poster. Oops!
  • Didier helped me find a real post office on Saturday. And there we were able to send the Friends of GNOME poster.
  • I was finally able to chat with Adam from Yorba. I've been wanting to meet the great people at Yorba for a long time!
  • Some people are talking about a French Conspiracy. I don't know why. Anyway, after Reinout's closing speech, Bastien and I went on with the closing ceremony together.
  • The Foundation released three press release this week. Many thanks to Zonker for his help for this!
  • The next GUADEC will be in Berlin, with Akademy! I'm already excited!