pessulus is a lockdown editor for GNOME, written in python. I've released version 0.1 today.

I'm pretty sure that pessulus is not HIG compliant, but guess what: it's the goal for the next release. The UI probably need a big overhaul to be more logical. I'd be glad if some people could take a look at it (or only at the glade file). And a patch would be fantastic ;-)

Also, if you know of some settings that should be in a lockdown editor and that are not in pessulus, let me know.

Contributions are of course welcome: patches, translations, documentation, etc. As it's written in python, it's really easy to start coding on it, fixing bugs and adding features. The code is in CVS (module: pessulus).

This is my first pygtk application. I wanted to create one since months but I didn't want to create something useless and I lacked some free time. But thanks to Murray's idea and some bad weather this week-end, I could take a look at pygtk. Some functions I needed were not wrapped, so there are some workarounds in the code, but that was not a big problem. I absolutely love pygtk.