Note to GNOME mentors: read your mails sent to the address with which you registered. You should have received voting informations.

Summer of Code has kept some of us quite busy since the beginning of the month. Some quick figures from GNOME:

  • 182 eligible applications were received
  • 56 mentors registered
  • we requested 40 projects
  • we will most probably be allocated ~20 projects

A good percentage of the 182 applications are really great, and it makes it hard to rank all the applications to choose only 20-30 of them. We had an IRC meeting two days ago to take some decisions, and mentors now have to vote for their preferred applications.

I'm also registered as an Ubuntu mentor and I was quite surprised to find a bit less interesting applications there (even if there are still a lot of interesting applications ;-)).

One of the big strengths of the Summer of Code is that it makes everyone really enthusiast. I'm not sure what is the magic ingredient that creates all this interest (Google? money? free software?), but if it's possible to keep everyone excited like this all year long, we can make wonders.

Many thanks to Google for organizing this and being responsive to all the requests people are sending.