I guess everybody knows that there'll be a GNOME devroom at FOSDEM. We already have a great program with many interesting talks. Oh, and there's still some free slot for one or two talks. It might be too late to add a talk to the official schedule, but if you're still interested in talking in the devroom, we can surely manage to make this possible ;-)

We're trying to get some more organization than last year for the devroom. So we'll probably have badges with names and, if everything goes well, t-shirts. I mean, not some random t-shirts, but real cool and awesome t-shirts with lovely art on it. Yes, you read it right: lovely art, which of course implies I'm not the one designing the t-shirts.

To have everything go as smoothly as possible, we need some help for this: if you're planning to attend the GNOME devroom, we really need you to register on this page. Please mention your name, but also your IRC nick and a size for the t-shirt (if you're interested in having one). Dodji already updated his entry to give an example.

Did I mention that we're wanting to have the t-shirts really cheap for Foundation members and GNOME-FR members? Cheap as in "free", if possible.