Friday was my last day at my (now previous) work. I must admit it feels a bit weird: for my studies and then my thesis, I've been going daily to only one building in the last seven years and a half. I've never stayed that long anywhere else, even if I count the places where I lived. Leaving also means I'll see less often people who are now some of my best friends, and it makes me feel a bit unwell... This would have happened in no more than six months anyway, but it doesn't make it easier.

Still, I'm excited because a whole new era opens for me. Starting tomorrow, I'll be working at Novell with some heroes like Federico, Rodrigo or JP. The reason I'm excited is that this job is about GNOME (upstream and in openSUSE) and this will allow me to stay involved in the project instead of disappearing in some black hole. Pretty good stuff, if you ask me. And it will be quite a big change from the academic life I had before!

Oh, and many many thanks to the people who took time for me during my search for a job, be it people who proposed me a job or friends who helpfully gave some advice. You all know who you are :-)